"What is written clearly is not worth much, it's the transparency that counts"

Independent Reviews And Audit

Help Yateem is a recognized international non-profit organization. We are audited by an independent financial accounting firm every year, and our financial reports are on file with the appropriate government agencies. We rely on donors AND volunteers to get all the work done, because there is so much to do! That’s why every donation is treated with the utmost respect, and we carefully manage our expenses so that the maximum benefit can be received by the children who need it so badly.

Help Yateem is committed to high standards of transparency. It is an expression of our core value. Our commitment to transparency is to ensure that we work effectively for the wellbeing of poor orphans.

Our operating costs include all the day-to-day running of the charity -- such as administration, campaigning, and fundraising.  It is also important to note that these expenses will generate further donations -- and its reward in the hereafter will go to the donors. 

As a donor, you can assured that every penny we spend is put to the best possible use for the children. We do only what is the mostcost-effective and life-changing for their circumstances. Furthermore, we emphasize Quality over Quantity. All our staff members work on a voluntary basis. This is why we rely heavily on talented young volunteers. We harness their energy and passion, and this allows the young people to develop their skills. We cover their local travel expenses while they campaign and fundraise. We also pay for travel costs when staffers travel abroad to verify that all our programs are being completed as directed.


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

How We inform Our Donor

We keep our donors well-informed about our projects – via our website, Facebook, Twitter, email and through our field volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to engage in the process we’re devoted to at Help Yateem. That’s why we do regular postings of our accomplishments, special announcements, and high-impact events. We keep our donors informed of the vital role they play in making all these projects a reality.


Volunteers are more valuable than the actual donors as they give their time and effort. It is the most effective way to achieve a sense of fulfilment. Psychologists argue that the only way one feels a sense of fulfilment is by doing something for someone else, expecting nothing in return (for the sake of Allah). It is also beneficial for the volunteers as they gain the complimentary social and leadership skills whilst giving their services to the charity.

Our Message

The challenge to help the orphans and poor children is so great and acknowledge that our very human survival depends on helping one another, and we need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all. Our children will not care about how good our intentions were. They will care about how effective our actions were. History is the sum total of the actions taken by individuals.