When I grow up, I'm going to make a difference

Help Abandoned children

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When I grow up, I'm going to make a difference

Making a difference in their lives

Bring light to their home

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Making a difference in their lives

Actions speaks louder than words! Give today

What we do

"A safe place where healing begins"

Clean Water & Access to Sanitation

It must be CLEAN and never contaminated by bad sanitation.


Basic nutrition comes second. You can’t reach a mind on an empty stomach.

Medical Care

Treating illness, injury, malnutrition, and diseases common to impoverished areas.


Safe place for children to go when there’s no place to hide.


Providing a way OUT of the situation starts with developing each child’s mind.


Not to be overlooked is the basic need for clean, decent clothes for children to wear.

What we do

"Be a part of the breakthrough and make someone’s dream come true"


Help Yateem is an international non-profit charity organisation designed to benefit orphans and orphanage around the world. Help Yateem has one primary mission: to improve the living conditions of the world's most helpless orphans - ensuring that they have a better future.

"Break Free"

We want every orphan to be fed and clothed, and to have the same educational opportunities as children in the regular world so that they "break free" from the cycle of poverty.

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Our Approach

"Not just for today, but for tomorrow..."

  • Plan Project

    We plan and assess the impact our projects have on the orphan community.

  • Local Partners

    We build strong relationships with locals so that our projects can be sustained by local.

  • Sustainability

    We carefully plan how we could make the project sustainable for long term.

  • Proving It

    We evaluate and monitor to ensure we can prove to donors.


"Go the extra mile. It's never crowded"

End of the year achievement

An amazing year of achievement for Help Yateem

ICT Room Project


With the help of our donors and volunteers, we managed to deliver a high quality ICT room


“Words have power”


Our human survival depends on helping one another

Psychologists argue that the only way one feels a sense of fulfilment is by doing something for someone else

More About Us

"Together we can make a Difference"


For every £1 you donate, 8p goes towards the running cost to ensure the project is sustainable.


Meet the Help Yateem volunteers. Do you want to join our team, get in touch we love to hear from you.


As a donor, you can be assured that every penny we spend is put to the best possible use for the children.

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We love to hear from you

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